Compton Pledge

Compton Pledge

100% of your donation goes to Compton families

The Compton Pledge is a two-year program supporting 800 low-income families in the cultural heart of California with guaranteed income– $300-$600 monthly payments with no strings attached. For the average family, it will close 70% of the racial wealth gap. With your help we can achieve our goal of raising $200,000 by December 31. Together, we can show the nation how guaranteed income can build a more equitable future.

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Compton Pledge Impact to Date

  • 800 families and 1,780 beneficiaries total
  • 8,000 payments made with zero payment errors
  • $4m disbursed out of $9.2m over two years
  • 3 local nonprofits started by Compton Pledge participants

Participant Testimonies

"I have been able to save those funds but it has taken off a tremendous amount of stress. It has lit a fire under me to let me know that I will be able to get out of my current situation; that I will be able to become a homeowner."

Kiesha, Compton Resident

"The day that I received my first payment, I had medication that I was unable to pay for. At other programs they talk to you like you're less than, but with the Compton Pledge you are treated as an equal. "

Tiffany, Compton Resident

"The first thing I did was run and pay my water bill. This additional income will also help me go back to school, and I'm one semester shy of finishing my degree in Business Management"

Rosalyn, Compton Resident

"The Compton Pledge helped me have memories with my kids — going to Sea World, going to an ice-skating rink. I put some of the money into a homelessness services program at Lueders park."

Christine, Compton Resident